Broken Area - Episode 1, We're Back, and Our Dryer Is On Fire
Saturday, December 8, 2012 at 9:47AM
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After our hugely successful Canadian National Day of Podcasting edpisode of our old show, Broca's Area, we decided to return.  That's right we're back.  It's Broken Area!  Basically we have gone back to the just talking about stuff.  This episode we talked about relationships, our new Ford Escape and HOW OUR HOUSE ALMOST BURNED DOWN.  So, that was an event filled episode.  Be sure to email Isabelle and tell her you like the show or ask any questions.  You can also, of course follow me on twitter. Oh yeah, comments are of course welcome.  

We will eventually have our own domain and feed for the show, but for now it will live here.

We hope you like episode 1.

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