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    Winter 2019 Course Materials Available

    Yup, it's 2019.  The new term starts on January 7.  Get what you need for your classes with me by clicking the appropriate link in the header.

    As an aside, don't call it 'two thousand nineteen' you sound like an idiot.....


    Psychology 3106 and Biology/Psychology 2606 Course Materials

    They are available here, click on the appropriate link on top of the page.  I think the title is almost as long as this post......


    Neuropharmacology and Statistics course materials now available here

    You can see at the top of the page that the materials for PSYC/BIOL 3506 (Neuropharmacology) and PSYC 3256 (Design and Analysis 1) are available.  This includes the notes and of course the outlines.  Enjoy....  (If you are not in my classes this will be of little interest to you....)