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    Episode 17 - Quebec

    My thoughts on the Quebec election, the night of the Quebec election.  You might disagree with my thoughts, and you might disagree with me, if so, get your own damned podcast.....



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    Good to hear this Dave - I share your sentiments exactly! Not surprising, given I was born and raised in La Belle Province. My bigger concern is how often I hear Canadians, here in Ontario but even moreso out west, who don't give a dam and say idiotic things like 'let them leave'. Our biggest failure as Canadians is that we don't teach and celebrate our own history - a result of being dominated by American culture. The one thing that we need to keep us a separate nation is Quebec! Uh oh - does that sound like petty nationalism?

    April 8, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterScarborough Dude

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