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    Essay topics for PSYC/BIOL 3506: (if it is crossed out, it is taken already...)

    Infants born addicted

    Methamphetamine use by the German military in WW2

    Legalization of cocaine

    Should legalized marijuana be only sold in government run outlets?

    How similar is 'internet addiction' to drug addiction?

    The history of cannabis

    The treatment options for alcoholics

    Cortical damage due to alcoholism

    The history of beer

    Alcoholics Anonymous

    Rise of the Columbian cocaine cartels

    Legalization of marijuana

    History of opiates

    Prohibition (could be in the US, Canada, wherever)

    Economic impacts of alcohol abuse

    History of cola

    Treatment options for opiate abusers

    Connection between drugs and music

    Club drugs and EDM

    Second hand smoke research

    Is caffeine really safe?

    Fetal alcohol syndrome

    Compare typical and atypical antipsychotic drugs

    Are SSRI drugs like Prozac safe?

    Root causes of gas sniffing in Davis Inlet, NL (or any other community)

    Treatment options for smokers

    Are drug laws racially/socially/ethnically (or whatever) biased?

    The history of coffee

    The history of tea

    Medical uses of Heroin

    History of wine

    Rise of the craft brewing industry

    Is addiction a disease?

    Psychological and physical dependence, is there a difference?

    Is the ‘War on Drugs’ sensible or misguided?

    Canadian vs American drug laws

    Canadian vs European drug laws

    European vs American drug laws

    Medical uses for marijuana

    Performance enhancing drugs in sports

    Is marijuana a gateway drug?

    Can alcoholics ever drink again?

    Drugs and literature

    Bio-accumulation of environmental toxins

    opiates as analgesics

    Haldol (haliperidol), its uses and side effects throughout history

    Drug treatments for Tourette's Syndrome.

    Behavioural effects of annabolic sterioids

    Drug treatments for autism

    Is sugar a drug?

    What are the long term effects of Ecstacy use?

    Drug treatments for OCD

    Longterm effects of use of club drugs (MDMA Ketamine & Cocaine)

    Medical uses of LSD

    Scopolamine, ueses and history

    Off label uses of SSRIs

    Drug treatments for smoking cessation

    Synthetic Marijauna


    Any other topic approved by the instructor.