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    Psychology 3717 - Memory
    Mondays and Wednesdays 11:30 am, NW 200

    Course Outline

    Paper topics and Presentation sign up sheet

    Presentation and Paper Marks

    Powerpoint lecture notes:

    Memory and Your Brain
    Semantic Memory
    Procedural Memory
    Working Memory
    Models of Memory
    Memory Development
    Episodic Memory
    Memory Disorders
    Animal Memory

    Reading assignments:

    Week 1 Read this paper by Tulving

    Week 2 (Jan 16) Read this classic paper.

    Week 2 (Jan 16) Listen to this interview with Brenda Milner.

    Week 3 (Jan 23) Read this paper Tulving, Schacter and Stark

    Week 3 (Jan 23) Read this paper By Collins and Quillian

    Week 3 (Jan 23) Read this paper by Richardson-Klavehn and Bjork which has nothing to do with Bjork or the Sugarcubes

    Week 4 (Jan 30) Read this paper by Baddeley

    Week 4 (Jan 30) Read this one about the Magic Number 7 by Miller

    Week 5 (Feb 6) Here's a paper by Craik and Lockhart that's only been cited 10 500 times 

    Week 5 (Feb 6) When would multiple memory systems evolve?  Sherry and Schacter tell you.

    Week 6 (Feb 13) A New York Times article on Phillip Cutajar

    Week 6 (Feb 13) A documentary on Clive Wearing.

    Week 7 (Feb 27) An article on animal learning and memory by Sara Shettleworth

    Week 7 (Feb 27) A Talk by Al Kamil at the Comparative Cognitino Society

    Week 7 (Feb 27) An interview with Ed Wasserman.