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    My Talk at the Conference on Comparative Cognition


    Giving my talk, photo credit Chris Sturdy

    So, last week I spoke at CO3 in Melbourne, Florida.  Some of the students in Memory and Brain and Behaviour asked me to record it, so, umm, here it is.

    I was introduced by Ken Cheng, which is fun.

    Music “Hundred Times Over” by Private Joker

    Powerpoint slides

    Listen Now


    Broken Area Now Has Its Own Website

    Yup, it's true, we have our own website now.  I have imported all of the episodes from here to the new site.  The comments came along as well.  


    Broken Area - Episode 5, Hearts and Minds 

    We sat down to talk about various things last night.  Everything from how wikipedia editing works to the importance of food to health.  

    We hope you enjoy episode 5.


    Broken Area - Episode 4, Don't Distract Me While I Edit Wikipedia 

    Another week, another episode.  I really am loving being back at this.

    Anyway, today we talked about a few things, including an update on the post fire repairs, a discussion of why some people are jerks at work and if google is making us stupid.....

    We hope you like Eipsode 4.


    That Show With Billy Wilson, Episode 39

    Billy Wilson is a former student at Algoma University, he graduated in 2011.  I taught him a couple of courses actually.  Anyway, he has a rather popular Youtube/Google + show in which he sort of moderates a discussion.  This one was a science special, and I had a great time being on the show.  Thanks Billy!


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