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    Broca's Area Episode 116 - I can't do that thing with that other thing

    As usual, on the Canadian National Day of Podcasting, Isabelle and I revive our old podcast, Broca's Area.  We recorded the first part in the grocery store and in our brand new Ford Escape.  In part 2, Madeleine and Jonathan joined us after dinner.  Between the two parts we heard 'Shotgun Loudmouth' by Battery Life.  

    Apparently, we may be coming back, according to Isabelle......

    Enjoy the episode.


    Broca's Area Episode 115 - Crocheting While Playing Bingo in TIbet

    A few years ago, 2005 to be exact, Isabelle and I had a podcast called Broca's Area.  We went through a couple of format changes etc but we had fun.  We packed it in back in 2009.  We resurrected the show for the first Canadian National Day of Podcasting (Dec 1, 2010).  Well, it is December 1, 2011, so we are back.  Now, I would love to get back into doing this show, but that is another matter.

    We talked about the economy, war and peace, and the idea that Isabelle will either end up becoming an old woman who plays bingo or a wonk in Tibet....

     We hope you enjoy the episode (which you can download directly here).  Leave a comment!