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    Psychology 3306 (Learning) and Psychology 3196 (Human Evolutionary Psychology) slides available here

    Well, it is that time of year again.  The time when I start podcasting my lectures again...  The podcast is available at my course blog site or on iTunes.  The slides are available right here, for both whole courses, right now (just click on the banner links above).  Individual links will be posted on the course blog throughout the term.  Enjoy....


    Futures in Biotech 95 - So Long and Thanks For All The FiBs

    With a cast of thousands and no subject matter, oh and a large number of skype crashes, it's FiB 95.  FiB is leaving the TWiT network, and off to hopefully bigger and better things.  Anyway, I was on this one, though they did not use video of me....



    Broca's Area Episode 115 - Crocheting While Playing Bingo in TIbet

    A few years ago, 2005 to be exact, Isabelle and I had a podcast called Broca's Area.  We went through a couple of format changes etc but we had fun.  We packed it in back in 2009.  We resurrected the show for the first Canadian National Day of Podcasting (Dec 1, 2010).  Well, it is December 1, 2011, so we are back.  Now, I would love to get back into doing this show, but that is another matter.

    We talked about the economy, war and peace, and the idea that Isabelle will either end up becoming an old woman who plays bingo or a wonk in Tibet....

     We hope you enjoy the episode (which you can download directly here).  Leave a comment!


    Spit and Twitches: The Animal Cognition Podcast - Episode 2, The Hippocampus and Recognition Memory with Dave Mumby

    I have known Dave Mumby for about 22 years now.  We first met at some conference or another when we were both graduate students.  We are now, however, much older....  Over the years we have kept an eye on each others' research and have even threatened to work together some day.  Dave's work has focussed on a number of areas, but he has arguably received the most attention for his work on the role od the hippocampus and other limbic regions in recognition memory.  We of course talked research, and we also had the questions that he did not expect, including the obligitory Ron Wiesman athletic question....  Thanks a lot for sitting down with me Dave.


     Download episode 2.


    Spit and Twitches: The Animal Cognition Podcast - Pilot Episode

    Well here it is, the much anticipated, ok, not anticipated much, but well you know, the pilot episode is here!  I sat down this afternoon with Laurie Bloomfield of the Psychology Department at Algoma University here in Sault Ste. Marie.  We talked about her specialty, bird communication. Photo credit: Oregon State University ArchivesLaurie studies chickadees mostly, but of course, as we all know, it is not the species that is important, it is the problem.  (Or, as my PhD supervisor once said to an ornithologist, "I don't study species, I study problems").  Well, Laurie and I talked about a lot of stuff, her career, how she started out in animal cognition, and about fist fights between eminent researchers.  (That last part came in the final bit, where I asked her four questions, an idea I have stolen borrowed from FourCast).  

    I would really like feedback on the show, what do you think?  Feel free to comment here, on facebook, google + or whatever.  

    I really appreciate Laurie sitting down with me and talking today.  I had a really good time.  

    The music in this episode is by Battery Life and is called "Beer Rights"

    download mp3



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